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Our Off-Grid Projects

York, Western Australia

The system was installed in March 2019, completely independent of the grid and has never failed the customer.

  • A 10kVA inverter charger, 2  mppt Smart Solar Charge controllers and a colour control GX monitor
  • 10.5kW of solar panels
  • 13.8kW BYD Battery System
  • 13kVA Generac fully automatic gas generator
We recently had Solar myWorld installed a 10 Kw system on our farm for our new house. We had been unable to decide on the type of back- up Generator for the winter months as we were never keen on the standard noisy Diesel gosling type. We wanted something a bit quieter, efficient and as Green as we could get. The people at Solar myWorld recommended the GENERAC product - a 13kVA gas Generator. The team arrived and installed the Generator and connected it to our Solar Power with an Automatic Transfer Switch so if the batteries get low in the winter, it kicks in automatically and tops the batteries up. I don't have to run out in the rain in the middle of the night and fire up the old Diesel model, so many thanks. Very Happy !!
Greg & Jill Parnham
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