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Solar-plus storage is simple with Solar myWorld. Our bi-directional, powered inverters offer simple, efficient design for integrating smart batteries with solar. Ideal for self-supply, backup power, zero-export and energy cost management. These are D.C side and do not need the grid to power the inverters.

Available in single-phase and three-phase models.

Delta single-phase hybrid inverter
  • Energy storage system with single-phase inverter and battery storage with Panasonic Li-Ion Battery
  • PV standalone function and backup power
  • Manual bypass switch to generator or grid
Fronius 3-phase Hybrid inverter
  • Energy Storage System for 3-phase power
  • 5kW inverter and LG batteries
  • Inverter enables stable grid operation and prevent unwanted interruptions
  • Inverter automatically searches for optimal operating point
  • Inverter manages energy flow to ensure highest self-sufficiency is achieved
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