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SMW 4500 Wind Turbine

The SMW 4500 Wind Turbine is indigenously designed & developed and is a high performance, high powered wind turbine. It is available in both off grid and grid tie configurations. The SMW4500 wind turbine provides a peak power of more than 5kW at a much lower rotor speed resulting in quiet and noiseless operation.

It has numerous applications such as in the hospitality sector, remote military bases and island electrification.

It is currently undergoing the type test & certification as per IEC 61400 for power performance & for safety & functional test by NIWE (National Institute for Wind Energy) which was formerly known as CWET (Centre for Wind Energy Technology, India).


  • Telecom towers
  • Fuel stations & resorts
  • Rural electrification & farm power and water supply
  • 230V AC mains grid tie roof top installation on high rise buildings
  • Water pumping model is also available (WS4500 with WiSH Energy pump controller can be connected to any 3 phase submersible or surface water pump and can pump water from bore wells of 200/300 ft.)
  • Military / Para Military camp power supply
  • Island and lighthouse continuous power supply

Designed in the USA

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SMW Standard & Marine Wind Turbines

When you need energy in marine environments, our Standard and Marine turbines deliver. It’s without a doubt the best energy choice for off-grid and marine-based applications in high wind environments. Use it for SCADA, telecom, security, cathodic protection, it can do it all. With optimized software, these turbine models consistently delivers energy where it matters. They sport a heavy-duty design and can withstand most high wind environments. The SMW Standard and SMW Marine turbines are ideal for hybrid combinations with solar PV.

  • High-quality, third-party tested components for reliability and safety
  •  Pair with solar PV for redundant energy production year-round
  •  Advanced microprocessor technology for superior performance and high wind protection without mechanical braking
  •  Lightweight design is simple and easy-to-install; integrated power electronics for plug-and-play operation
  •  Produces 30 kWh of energy a month* for marine-based, high wind applications
  •  Intended for corrosive – marine environments

Designed in the USA

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